First informal formation meeting

Mike McClurc and a few others are setting up a Functional Languages Users' Group in Cambridge, UK. The first informal meeting to gauge interest, discuss goals and set up an official first meeting and schedule will be held some time in the next two weeks.

Perhaps in the Old Spring pub on Friday, November 2, starting at 17.00.

We hope to offer regular meet ups, talks, workshops and mentoring. We already have a speaker for the first talk, but will warmly welcome more speakers.

Cambridge is a small enough town to make a broad focus viable. We aim to embrace users and aspiring users of Haskell, Erlang, Scala, OCaml, the various Lisps, F# and others. If you use functional techniques in C or Cobol, you can come along to. Or if you just like to toy around with lambda calculus or category theory but never touched a computer in your life. Any nondysfunctional topics are appreciated.

Mike has set up a twitter account @nondysfun. We also have a irc channel on freenode named #nondysfunctional.

We are currently setting up an email list for communication among members.

If you want to get in touch, you can either write to me, moc.liamg|snegreog.saihttam#moc.liamg|snegreog.saihttam, or to Mike, moc.liamg|grulccm.ekim#moc.liamg|grulccm.ekim.

The best news last: Citrix has agreed to sponsor a pint or two for everybody coming to the first informal meet up.

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